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We’ve hit the halfway point and 2015 is not far away

The Coalition has survived to the halfway point, but what's in store for UK politics between now and May 2015?

Barack Obama has survived his re-election bid but can the coalition survive the rest of its term? • Photograph: Cabinet Office

It’s a funny thing choosing a leader for your country and essentially choosing someone to place your trust in to for a prolonged amount of time, with no real ability to recall your vote.

It’s a big decision we must make, and most often one people end up regretting by the time the chosen one has finished dismantling the hard work that someone else has put in.

In the wake of Obama’s victory and re-election in the United States, it’s a little overlooked that we are now halfway through our Condemned Government (of course, unless by some stroke of luck, Parliament is closed) and that means we can officially count the days until we are certain their mandate will end. That wonderful time at which we can hold Clegg and Cameron to account and completely humiliate them with what will probably be a resounding Labour win is now closer than the time we voted them in (although this is arguable in itself.) The end is nearer than the beginning, although not exactly nigh yet.

It’s no secret that all of the parties are already planning their election campaigns for 2015, deciding who will lead their campaigns and what their manifestos and key policies will be, making predictions for what will happen over the next few years and be high on the agenda in 2015, so I’m going to make some of my own guesses:

  • Nick Clegg will be replaced as leader by Vince Cable either for the election or as a result of the election
  • The PCC elections will show to have little support and little turnout and the decision will be reversed or reduced
  • The Labour Party will not have tuition fees as a key policy or will only reduce fees by a small amount
  • UKIP and the Green Party will see a small rise in support
  • Labour will win an overwhelming majority, but still not match Blair’s 2001 majority. Lib Dems will lose a large number of seats and Nick Clegg will not win the Sheffield seat.
  • The UK will enter another recession in 2013.
  • Another European country using the Euro will collapse.
  • There will be further military intervention in the Middle East, Syria or the Faulklands.

Some may seem far-fetched, and some might seem plain obvious. I think all of these are highly possible, but let’s see how the next two and a half years pan out, shall we?

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