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Guild Extends Referenda Voting Period

After five days of voting, students are to be granted an extended period of time in which to register their vote on the two referenda. Votes are now able to be placed up until June 13th, meaning an extension of the voting period from five days to forty-seven days.

The two questions give students the ability to change the way the Guild operates and how the Officer team is made up.

As of 4pm on Friday 2nd May, only 828 votes had been placed on the Democratic Structures Review, and 867 had been placed on the Officer Review. In order for the referenda to reach quoracy – allowing for a decision to be accepted – 3070 votes need to have been placed on each question.

In a statement released on the website, the Guild claimed that the extension was granted due to the referenda taking place during the exam period and around assignment deadlines. The Guild later state that they are “keen to ensure you all have enough time to read the support documents, digest the information and make an informed decision”.

The statement ends with the Guild expressing their thanks to those who have already voted and encourages all other students to do so in the extended period. The announcement was made within the final thirty minutes of the original voting period.

Soon after the statement was published, students questioned the Guild’s decision. Incoming Vice President (Democracy, Resources and Sustainability), Bethan Dovey, questioned whether the Sabbatical Officer Group, who made the decision, had the power to extend the period.

A second-year political science student told Redbrick that she thought the extension was a “farcical and desperate decision.” She added that the Guild should “concede that they have got it hopelessly wrong and apologise to the students who will be adversely affected by these undemocratic, privileged and management-focused proposals should they go ahead”.

Students can vote in the Guild referenda by logging into my.bham or the Guild of Students website.

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