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Referenda Proposals Rejected

University of Birmingham students have rejected both proposals set out in the referenda, as the voting period ends after over a month.

Although the referenda did not reach quoracy, a majority of students who did vote disagreed with the two proposals set out.

At the close of voting, the Democratic Structure Review, removing registered abstentions,  received 766 votes (53.5%) against and 666 votes (46.5%) in favour of the proposals. There was a larger divide in the results for the Officer Team Review with 942 votes (62.8%) against and 557 votes (37.2%) in favour. 82 abstentions were received for the first proposal and 69 for the second.

Neither question reached quoracy with only around 5% of the student population registering their views. Both questions needed 3,070 votes to be deemed quorate but only 1,514 expressed their views on the Democratic Structures Review and 1,568 on the Officer Review, despite the voting period lasting for nearly seven weeks.

In a statement on their website, the Guild of Students said they will be “reflecting on these results over the summer vacation”.

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