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Following a three week trial, and a review of the crime scene earlier this month, Armani Mitchell has been found guilty of the murder of Joshua Ribera outside TC’s Nightclub last year.

The teenager is expected to serve a life sentence, of a minimum of eighteen years for the stabbing, which occurred on Coronation Road in Selly Oak.

The stabbing on September 20th was as a result of an ongoing dispute between Ribera and Mitchell, with the pair scuffling inside the nightclub earlier in the evening. The pair had attended a fundraising event for Kyle Sheehan, who had been murdered exactly a year earlier. At around 10.40pm, Mitchell withdrew a knife and struck Ribera in the chest, before fleeing. Ribera collapsed against a car on Coronation Road before being rushed to hospital where, after attempts to save his life, he was pronounced dead.

Mitchell handed himself in to a police station in Dudley the following morning, where he was arrested on suspicion of murder. Although he admitted attacking Joshua, the teenager claimed Ribera’s death was not his intention. Despite this, Mitchell was found guilty of murder and will now serve a minimum of 18 years in prison.

The stabbing, which concerned students, coincided with students moving in for the new academic year. ‘I was shocked when I heard the news,’ said a first-year student who was just moving into halls.

Charlie Winch, a third-year student who lives opposite TC’s, said ‘it’s not exactly a great advert for the university on moving-in day.’


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