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Defend Education in New Occupation

The Hornton Grange conference centre at the University of Birmingham
The Hornton Grange conference centre at the University of Birmingham • Photograph: University of Birmingham

Education activist group, Defend Education, have entered into a new occupation at the Hornton Grange Conference Centre on the University campus.

At around 10pm on Wednesday 22nd January, Defend Education entered a new occupation of a University conference facility on campus. Their occupations of the Senate Chamber before Christmas ended with the University successfully applying for an injunction. The group claims that the new occupation is made up of a new cohort of people and that the injunction is therefore invalid.

Posting on their Facebook page, Defend Education said: ‘As this is a new occupation with new occupiers who were not involved in the previous occupation the injunction does not apply to us’. Shortly after the occupation began, the University, in a letter delivered to the occupiers, declared the occupation as in breach of the injunction and told those involved that they must leave the area by midnight. However, the group stated that they ‘dispute this interpretation of the injunction’ and remained in occupation past the deadline.

The new occupation coincides with the start of disciplinary action against six students involved in the previous occupation. On their website, Defend Education cites this disciplinary action and their list of demands as their principle reasons for the new occupation. The group has also called a national demonstration in support of their demands to be held on campus on Wednesday 29th January.

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